Who pays for repairs to common elements of a condominium?


For many people in Michigan, owning a condominium offers the dual benefit of being an owner but not being fully responsible for every issue that crops up as they would if they owned a private house. These properties have amenities and the responsibility is shared among the owners. A condominium association is in place to […]

What should be included in a lease?


When written well and executed properly, leases provide important protections for both landlords and tenants. Because of their value to landlords and tenants, it is helpful for both parties to be familiar with what should be included in a lease. The particulars can vary from property to property, but the following points address common scenarios: All […]

The basics of zoning laws


Zoning laws have a significant impact on use and development of land. For that reason, it is useful to be familiar with the basics of zoning laws when considering the purchase or sale of property or if a zoning regulation is having an impact on property that is already owned. How property may be used […]

When will I need to pursue a quiet title action?


One part of the process of selling a home is a title search. Sometimes, unbeknownst to either party, there is a “cloud” on the title that is unearthed in a title search. When this happens, it may be necessary to pursue a quiet title action before the property can be sold. What is a ‘cloud’ on a […]

Seller disclosure law in Michigan home sales


Like many parts of the country, Michigan communities in Detroit and surrounding areas are still experiencing a real estate boom while frustrated homebuyers try to keep up with the influx of investors. Whether buying that dream home or cashing in on affordable rental housing opportunities, it is important not to rush into the deal before […]

The differences between housing associations


When purchasing a home, it is a good idea to learn about various real estate associations, such as homeowners associations (HOAs), condominium associations, and tenants in common. What they all have in common is that if you purchase a home that is connected to an association, you must abide by the rules and regulations (including […]

How can I make sure my home closing process goes smoothly?


Buyers in Michigan who are preparing for the closing of their home they just purchased often feel excited and maybe a bit stressed. This emotional rollercoaster is completely appropriate for such a large purchase. This is often the largest purchase of their lives and it is important for the process to go smoothly. Make a […]

How can an attorney help with a home purchase?

When a Detroit area resident is in the market to purchase a home, they usually contact a realtor. While a realtor has a lot of knowledge in the Detroit area housing market, there are actually many ways in which an attorney can help as well. A home is one of the largest purchases a person can make […]

Avoiding pitfalls during commercial real estate transactions

Purchasing or selling commercial real estate can be unexpectedly complex in many ways that are quite different from residential real estate transactions. Michigan business owners who either plan to launch a new enterprise or expand operations will want to be prepared for all the steps and possible pitfalls along the way. As the due diligence […]

What should a landlord do with a tenant’s abandoned property?

Landlords in Michigan have probably dealt with abandoned property in their rentals. Most of what a tenant leaves behind is junk, but how long should a landlord hang on to this property? There are things landlords should keep in mind when dealing with abandoned property. A landlord should determine whether the tenant abandoned the property. If […]