Homebuyers may recover damages for sellers’ failure to disclose

Purchasing a new property can be a nerve-racking experience. Many people purchase a home that seems to be free of defects, only to discover major structural or shortly after closing on the property. Under the Michigan Seller Disclosure Act, property sellers must provide potential buyers with a seller’s disclosure statement, or a standardized checklist indicating the […]

Common of landlord-tenant disputes

Renting a property can be convenient and more affordable, but also presents several unique challenges that homeowners do not face. Even the healthiest landlord-tenant relationship can have minor disagreements that can become major if not addressed in a timely fashion. Some of the most common residential landlord-tenant disputes involve the following issues: Tenant’s failure to pay rent […]

Understanding a real property appraisal

When a first time home buyer enters the real estate market, he or she will encounter a number of unfamiliar terms. Understanding these terms can help a home buyer avoid costly mistakes during the negotiation and financing processes. Perhaps the least understood term is “real property appraisal.” Understanding the uses and mechanics of real property appraisals will […]

Can a ruling about zoning regulations be appealed?

Cities in Michigan, such as West Bloomfield, are laid out in a certain way generally with commercial areas, industrial areas and residential areas. This is generally not by accident. Cities use zoning laws to lay out the city in a certain way to group certain parts together. People may not realize these laws are in place, but […]

Why lease agreements should be in writing

Finding a safe and secure place to live can take time and effort. When a Detroit resident settles on a rental property for themselves and their family, they may want to take every possible step to ensure that their rights and interested are protected regarding their relationship with their landlord. Executing a written lease agreement […]

What are the different types of private property liens?

For most people, buying a home is the single largest purchase they will make in their lives. Owning your own home can provide a sense of peace and financial security, making it well worth the money you invest in it. But that security can be threatened by the presence of a lien against your home, […]

How does the Fair Housing Act protect renters and buyers?

Having the right place to live is important. People in Michigan take time to find the right neighborhood, the right size, layout and price. They may be looking for a rental or looking to buy a home, but generally people will make sure they find the right place for their needs. Once they have found […]

How to stop the foreclosure process

Getting a foreclosure notice is terrifying. After all, a home is the most valuable thing a person owns, not to mention a receptacle of memories and sentimental value. Thankfully, there are ways Michigan residents can stop the foreclosure process, including: Reinstating the mortgage loan Some mortgages (such as the uniform Fannie Mae/ Freddie Mac mortgage) grant […]

Common mortgage modification scams to watch out for

Owning your own home is the American dream for many. It is your castle. It’s where you live and where you raise your children. But with as much pride and joy that comes with owning your home, particularly for first-time home owners, there are also pitfalls to beware of. Mortgage modification scams Mortgage modification scams are […]

How title insurance protects both lenders and buyers

Title insurance is a subject that often mystifies first-time real estate buyers, such as a newly-married couple buying their first home. Despite its seemingly mysterious nature, title insurance can protect the interests of both the lender and the buyer in a real estate purchase transaction. In order to understand the mechanics and benefits of title insurance, one […]