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Ann Arbor Landlords and Tenants Do Not Feel the Same About the New Law

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Ann Arbor’s new right-to-renew law has landlords up in arms and tenants relieved. What is this law? How will it affect the citizens of Ann Arbor?

The Law

Tenants of Ann Arbor apartments will no longer have to worry about not being accepted to renew their lease. City Council voted 10-1 that landlords must either offer lease renewal to their tenants or compensate them for relocation. As a result, current tenants will no longer be required to renew their lease early in the term; instead, they will have more time to decide what is best for them.

How Students Feel

Many students are pleased about the addition of this new law. In years past, students say landlords did not share their renewal timeline with tenants, leaving them unable to renew their leases regardless of whether or not they wished to. In the past, they often felt rushed, as if they did not renew their lease early on, they would lose their housing and be forced to relocate.

How Landlords Feel

Landlords across Ann Arbor are highly dissatisfied with this decision made by City Council. They worry they will miss out on renter opportunities if they give their current tenants too much time to consider renewal.