How Do You Know When You Have A Deal and What It Entails?

Regardless of the kind of business transaction you are involved in, whether you are forming a new business from scratch, buying a business, merging with another business, or purchasing a franchise, you will face tricky questions. You and your counterpart might enter into negotiations with the best of intentions but, as you go back and […]

What Is a Security Deposit?

If you have ever signed a lease, you have most likely seen the words “security deposit”. What exactly is this? Why do you need to pay it? What does it cover? Continue reading to find out the answers to these questions! What Is It? The security deposit is a set amount of money that a […]

Ann Arbor Landlords and Tenants Do Not Feel the Same About the New Law

Ann Arbor’s new right-to-renew law has landlords up in arms and tenants relieved. What is this law? How will it affect the citizens of Ann Arbor? The Law Tenants of Ann Arbor apartments will no longer have to worry about not being accepted to renew their lease. City Council voted 10-1 that landlords must either offer lease renewal to […]

What Are Your Littoral and Riparian Rights

Are you new to owning property on a body of water? Do you know your rights to the water and land bordering the water? Before making any changes to your property, you should learn all you need to know about your riparian and littoral rights. Riparian Rights Riparian rights are given to property owners who border […]

Michigan Property Transfer Affidavit

If you are transferring real estate or certain types of personal property in the state of Michigan, you must file a Property Transfer Affidavit. The affidavit must be filed by the new owner with the assessor for the city or township where the property is located within 45 days of the transfer. If it is not […]

3 Ways a Franchise Lawyer Can Help

If you are looking to purchase a franchise, it may be beneficial to hire an attorney. Here are three ways an attorney can help you begin your franchise journey… 1. An attorney can look through the documents and agreements. Of course, you should look through all the given documents thoroughly, but there is nothing better […]

Who pays for repairs to common elements of a condominium?


For many people in Michigan, owning a condominium offers the dual benefit of being an owner but not being fully responsible for every issue that crops up as they would if they owned a private house. These properties have amenities and the responsibility is shared among the owners. A condominium association is in place to […]

What should be included in a lease?


When written well and executed properly, leases provide important protections for both landlords and tenants. Because of their value to landlords and tenants, it is helpful for both parties to be familiar with what should be included in a lease. The particulars can vary from property to property, but the following points address common scenarios: All […]

The basics of zoning laws


Zoning laws have a significant impact on use and development of land. For that reason, it is useful to be familiar with the basics of zoning laws when considering the purchase or sale of property or if a zoning regulation is having an impact on property that is already owned. How property may be used […]

When will I need to pursue a quiet title action?


One part of the process of selling a home is a title search. Sometimes, unbeknownst to either party, there is a “cloud” on the title that is unearthed in a title search. When this happens, it may be necessary to pursue a quiet title action before the property can be sold. What is a ‘cloud’ on a […]