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Can a first-time homebuyer benefit from hiring an attorney?

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First-time home buyers in the West Bloomfield area are excited to purchase their new home and may also have anxiety about this major purchase. A home buyer often works with a real estate agent to find and purchase a home. But a buyer may also want to enlist the help of a real estate attorney.

Although it may seem like a realtor can be an all-encompassing resource for a new home buyer, a real estate attorney also offers valuable services. Some advantages of hiring a real estate attorney include:

  • Contracts. When a person buys a home they enter into a contract. An attorney can negotiate on the buyer’s behalf and make sure the contract adheres to all state laws. They can also address any issues that may affect the future use of the property, including variances and zoning issues.
  • Title searches. An attorney can perform a title search. This ensures the property is free from any encumbrances such as mechanics liens or judgments. The title search reveals whether the seller has the legal right to sell the property. If the title search uncovers something problematic an attorney can advise their client on what their next steps should be. They can also secure proof that judgments or liens have been taken care of.
  • Property transfers. If the seller is a corporation, trusts or partnerships the sale can be more complicated. An attorney understands the different types of business arrangements and can ensure the contract is consistent with state law.
  • Filings. Real estate deeds need to be filed at the county and state levels of government. An attorney can complete this quickly and accurately.
  • Discrimination. An attorney can also help their client or refer them to someone who can if they believe they were discriminated against in the home buying process.

Hiring a real estate attorney can be a smart idea for a first-time home buyer. They can be that extra level of security that everything will go smoothly during the process.