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Can a ruling about zoning regulations be appealed?

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Cities in Michigan, such as West Bloomfield, are laid out in a certain way generally with commercial areas, industrial areas and residential areas. This is generally not by accident. Cities use zoning laws to lay out the city in a certain way to group certain parts together. People may not realize these laws are in place, but if a company is looking to purchase a new property either to build on or to use the existing structures for a specific business, it is important to know these laws before they make the purchase.

The zoning laws govern much more than simply stating where commercial buildings may be in the city. They can also govern the height of buildings, the number of off-street parking spots that may be required, how far a certain business needs to be from a school or from another business that performs the same services or produces the same product as another and many other aspects. It can be disappointing to learn that a company may not be able to use a property for its intended use.

Options for working around zoning determinations

Companies who find themselves in a situation where the zoning laws do not allow the intended purpose may be able to appeal the decisions to the Zoning Board of Appeals and potentially have the decision reversed. They may also be able to receive variances to the zoning laws to allow the company to continue to use the building for its intended use. They can also seek approval of a certain use of the property by demonstrating that they meet the requirements to use a property for a certain purpose under the current zoning laws.

There are many features that companies look for when they are seeking to buy new property in Michigan. They may be looking at location, size of the existing structures, layouts and many of features. However, companies also need to look at the zoning laws before purchasing. These can be complicated laws though. Experienced attorneys understand these various zoning laws and may be able to help guide companies through the process.