The basics of zoning laws


Zoning laws have a significant impact on use and development of land. For that reason, it is useful to be familiar with the basics of zoning laws when considering the purchase or sale of property or if a zoning regulation is having an impact on property that is already owned. How property may be used […]

Can a ruling about zoning regulations be appealed?

Cities in Michigan, such as West Bloomfield, are laid out in a certain way generally with commercial areas, industrial areas and residential areas. This is generally not by accident. Cities use zoning laws to lay out the city in a certain way to group certain parts together. People may not realize these laws are in place, but […]

Examples of zoning regulations

There are typically three different zoning categories including residential, commercial and industrial, and mixed use in some instances, that property owners should be familiar with. Carefully understanding the different types of zoning regulations and how they can impact property is beneficial information to have. Residential zoning Residential zoning includes: Single family residences; Suburban homesteads or housing; Other […]