Is the Landlord or Tenant Responsible for Repairs?

Oh no, something broke in the property that you lease! Do you know who is responsible? We can help you figure that out; you do not want to pay for it if you are not legally liable! Check the Lease Agreement If something breaks in your leased property, the first thing you should do is […]

What Is a Security Deposit?

If you have ever signed a lease, you have most likely seen the words “security deposit”. What exactly is this? Why do you need to pay it? What does it cover? Continue reading to find out the answers to these questions! What Is It? The security deposit is a set amount of money that a […]

Ann Arbor Landlords and Tenants Do Not Feel the Same About the New Law

Ann Arbor’s new right-to-renew law has landlords up in arms and tenants relieved. What is this law? How will it affect the citizens of Ann Arbor? The Law Tenants of Ann Arbor apartments will no longer have to worry about not being accepted to renew their lease. City Council voted 10-1 that landlords must either offer lease renewal to […]

What should be included in a lease?


When written well and executed properly, leases provide important protections for both landlords and tenants. Because of their value to landlords and tenants, it is helpful for both parties to be familiar with what should be included in a lease. The particulars can vary from property to property, but the following points address common scenarios: All […]

What should a landlord do with a tenant’s abandoned property?

Landlords in Michigan have probably dealt with abandoned property in their rentals. Most of what a tenant leaves behind is junk, but how long should a landlord hang on to this property? There are things landlords should keep in mind when dealing with abandoned property. A landlord should determine whether the tenant abandoned the property. If […]

Common of landlord-tenant disputes

Renting a property can be convenient and more affordable, but also presents several unique challenges that homeowners do not face. Even the healthiest landlord-tenant relationship can have minor disagreements that can become major if not addressed in a timely fashion. Some of the most common residential landlord-tenant disputes involve the following issues: Tenant’s failure to pay rent […]

Why lease agreements should be in writing

Finding a safe and secure place to live can take time and effort. When a Detroit resident settles on a rental property for themselves and their family, they may want to take every possible step to ensure that their rights and interested are protected regarding their relationship with their landlord. Executing a written lease agreement […]

The basic building blocks of a landlord-tenant relationship

There are thousands of renters in Michigan. Each renter has a relationship with their landlord and, depending on the situation, that relationship might be just fine. However, landlord-tenant disputes are, unfortunately, quite common. From both perspectives, there are rights and obligations to consider. The landlord-tenant relationship For starters, most landlord-tenant relationships start with the same type of […]