5 Reasons Why a Real Estate Attorney is Essential for Transactions

Buying a home could be one of the most significant investments you will make, so it’s vital to ensure that everything goes smoothly. In the state of Michigan, a real estate attorney is not required in the purchase or sale of your home. So why should you use one Contract Negotiations  When you’re ready to offer […]

How Do You Know When You Have A Deal and What It Entails?

Regardless of the kind of business transaction you are involved in, whether you are forming a new business from scratch, buying a business, merging with another business, or purchasing a franchise, you will face tricky questions. You and your counterpart might enter into negotiations with the best of intentions but, as you go back and […]

Michigan Property Transfer Affidavit

If you are transferring real estate or certain types of personal property in the state of Michigan, you must file a Property Transfer Affidavit. The affidavit must be filed by the new owner with the assessor for the city or township where the property is located within 45 days of the transfer. If it is not […]

When will I need to pursue a quiet title action?


One part of the process of selling a home is a title search. Sometimes, unbeknownst to either party, there is a “cloud” on the title that is unearthed in a title search. When this happens, it may be necessary to pursue a quiet title action before the property can be sold. What is a ‘cloud’ on a […]

Seller disclosure law in Michigan home sales


Like many parts of the country, Michigan communities in Detroit and surrounding areas are still experiencing a real estate boom while frustrated homebuyers try to keep up with the influx of investors. Whether buying that dream home or cashing in on affordable rental housing opportunities, it is important not to rush into the deal before […]

How can I make sure my home closing process goes smoothly?


Buyers in Michigan who are preparing for the closing of their home they just purchased often feel excited and maybe a bit stressed. This emotional rollercoaster is completely appropriate for such a large purchase. This is often the largest purchase of their lives and it is important for the process to go smoothly. Make a […]

How can an attorney help with a home purchase?

When a Detroit area resident is in the market to purchase a home, they usually contact a realtor. While a realtor has a lot of knowledge in the Detroit area housing market, there are actually many ways in which an attorney can help as well. A home is one of the largest purchases a person can make […]

Homebuyers may recover damages for sellers’ failure to disclose

Purchasing a new property can be a nerve-racking experience. Many people purchase a home that seems to be free of defects, only to discover major structural or shortly after closing on the property. Under the Michigan Seller Disclosure Act, property sellers must provide potential buyers with a seller’s disclosure statement, or a standardized checklist indicating the […]

Understanding a real property appraisal

When a first time home buyer enters the real estate market, he or she will encounter a number of unfamiliar terms. Understanding these terms can help a home buyer avoid costly mistakes during the negotiation and financing processes. Perhaps the least understood term is “real property appraisal.” Understanding the uses and mechanics of real property appraisals will […]

What are the different types of private property liens?

For most people, buying a home is the single largest purchase they will make in their lives. Owning your own home can provide a sense of peace and financial security, making it well worth the money you invest in it. But that security can be threatened by the presence of a lien against your home, […]