What are the different types of private property liens?

For most people, buying a home is the single largest purchase they will make in their lives. Owning your own home can provide a sense of peace and financial security, making it well worth the money you invest in it. But that security can be threatened by the presence of a lien against your home, […]

How does the Fair Housing Act protect renters and buyers?

Having the right place to live is important. People in Michigan take time to find the right neighborhood, the right size, layout and price. They may be looking for a rental or looking to buy a home, but generally people will make sure they find the right place for their needs. Once they have found […]

Common mortgage modification scams to watch out for

Owning your own home is the American dream for many. It is your castle. It’s where you live and where you raise your children. But with as much pride and joy that comes with owning your home, particularly for first-time home owners, there are also pitfalls to beware of. Mortgage modification scams Mortgage modification scams are […]

How title insurance protects both lenders and buyers

Title insurance is a subject that often mystifies first-time real estate buyers, such as a newly-married couple buying their first home. Despite its seemingly mysterious nature, title insurance can protect the interests of both the lender and the buyer in a real estate purchase transaction. In order to understand the mechanics and benefits of title insurance, one […]

What is a quiet title action?

Real estate disputes are not any fun. They can be financially draining and time consuming to resolve. Fortunately, a quick fix exists that can efficiently and affordably settle most disputes – it’s known as a quiet title action. What is a quiet title action? A quiet title action is a legal mechanism that’s filed with a […]

Why home inspections should occur before buying a home

There are many changes that people in Michigan go through during their lives. These changes require changing many aspects of people’s lives, including where they are physically living. For some as they grow older and establish their careers or starting the family it means buying a home for the first time. This can be a very exciting […]

Can a first-time homebuyer benefit from hiring an attorney?

First-time home buyers in the West Bloomfield area are excited to purchase their new home and may also have anxiety about this major purchase. A home buyer often works with a real estate agent to find and purchase a home. But a buyer may also want to enlist the help of a real estate attorney. […]