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How can an attorney help with a home purchase?

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When a Detroit area resident is in the market to purchase a home, they usually contact a realtor. While a realtor has a lot of knowledge in the Detroit area housing market, there are actually many ways in which an attorney can help as well. A home is one of the largest purchases a person can make so protecting that purchase and making sure it goes smoothly is money well spent.

Buying a home is not a simple process, it’s actually a legal contract that can be quite complex. A real estate attorney can help their client avoid the pitfalls that a home buying process can bring.

The benefits of hiring a real estate lawyer include:

  • Contracts. An attorney can review a purchase contract on their client’s behalf and make sure it is legally binding. They can negotiate on their client’s behalf and make sure the contract adheres to all state laws.
  • Title searches. Another valuable service an attorney can provide is a title search. The purpose of a title search is to ensure the property is free of any liens of judgements. The title search is essential in making sure the seller has the legal right to even sell the house. If the title search reveals something troubling an attorney can advise their client on what their next steps can be.
  • Property transfers. When a property is being sold by one or more parties such as a trust or partnership, the contract and negotiations can be more complicated. An attorney understands these different types of business arrangements and can ensure the contract is consistent with the law and the partnership’s, trust’s, etc. agreement.

There are many reasons why a person purchasing a home should hire a real estate attorney. Buying a home is a huge process and ensuring it goes smoothly is important.