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How can I make sure my home closing process goes smoothly?

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Buyers in Michigan who are preparing for the closing of their home they just purchased often feel excited and maybe a bit stressed. This emotional rollercoaster is completely appropriate for such a large purchase. This is often the largest purchase of their lives and it is important for the process to go smoothly.

  1. Make a list. Having a list that includes important documents you need to bring to closing and any applicable contingencies to make sure they are addressed before you close. This may include an inspection, final walkthrough, and a home appraisal.
  2. Review all paperwork. There are many documents that are used in a home closing. These can be complicated and reviewing these documents with an attorney who specializes in real estate can be helpful. An attorney can point out any concerning provisions that may be in the documents.
  3. Prepare for any issues. Most home closings go as planned. But there are things that can go wrong and having a basic understanding of what issues can go wrong is important. Problems with financing, issues with the home appraisal or a problem with the property’s title can occur. A seller may also try and get out of a deal maybe because they changed their mind, or they received a better offer. The language of the contract will help determine remedies in these situations.

An attorney who specializes in real estate law can help a buyer through their real estate purchase process. They can help review a purchase agreement and make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible.