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Is the Landlord or Tenant Responsible for Repairs?

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Oh no, something broke in the property that you lease! Do you know who is responsible? We can help you figure that out; you do not want to pay for it if you are not legally liable!

Check the Lease Agreement

If something breaks in your leased property, the first thing you should do is check your lease agreement. In most cases, the contract will discuss which repairs are the landlord’s responsibility and which are the tenants.

When It Is the Landlord’s Responsibility

It is commonly the landlord’s responsibility to pay for repairs due to age, everyday wear, and tear, and safety issues such as:

–       Pest infestations

–       Broken locks

–       Plumbing complications

–       Electrical complications

–       Heating complications

–       Visible mold

When It Is the Tenant’s Responsibility

The tenants are usually responsible for repairs caused by themselves, such as:

–       Damages caused by a pet, such as chewed furniture

–       Burnt-out lightbulbs

–       Damage caused by themselves or guests, such as broken light fixtures or appliances

–       Stains or smells from smoking inside a non-smoking property

–       Any complications that were left for an extended period without being reported and caused a worsening situation

If you still need clarification about who should pay for repairs at the property you lease, it may be time to contact an experienced attorney. Our team at the Calvin Law Center can help you understand your lease agreement and get to the bottom of your situation. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 248-919-8383.