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Landlord-Tenant Disputes

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Landlord-Tenant Disputes Are Not a DIY Project

Squabbles between landlords and tenants are as old as the concept of renting a place to live. One thing that has changed significantly is the need to have experienced legal representation to protect your investment, your property, and your bottom line. As laws have become more tenant-friendly, a misstep by a frustrated landlord can lead to increased legal burdens and long-term financial ramifications.

You may take pride in handling your own property maintenance, but your dispute with a tenant is no time to grab your DIY tool kit. Landlord-tenant disputes call for the advice and representation of an experienced real estate attorney who can protect your bottom line and your legal rights in courts throughout Michigan. Look no further than Calvin Law Center.

A Strong Advocate for Michigan Landlords

I’m attorney John Calvin and I have been representing landlords in Michigan for over a decade. I combine extensive experience and legal skill with a commitment to my clients that is second to none. You can rely on me to give you honest answers–including answers you may not want to hear–about your predicament and devise a custom strategy for coming out on the other side with your rights and investment intact.

My practice includes resolving issues including non-payment of rent, termination of tenancy, evictions, removal of squatters, demand for possession, and more.

Protect Your Rights as a Landlord

Facing a tenant-related issue in Michigan? I can help you protect your legal and financial interests. Call 248-919-8383 to schedule a consultation.