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Real Estate Litigation

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Choose the Right Attorney When Things Go Wrong in Real Estate

Real estate purchases and other real estate transactions are among the most substantial legal and financial transactions you will ever be a part of. Mistakes can be extremely costly, especially when there are disagreements over the legal terms and whether they are being met.

I am attorney John Calvin, founder of Calvin Law Center in West Bloomfield, Michigan. I bring over a decade of experience to resolving real estate disputes on behalf of buyers, sellers, and landlords.

My Real Estate Litigation Practice

You can rely on me to protect your legal rights, your financial interests, and your good name in a wide range of real estate litigation, including:

  • Quiet title litigation
  • Housing discrimination claims
  • Foreclosure disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Condominium and HOA disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Easement disputes

I am an experienced litigator. However, I will never let my litigation prowess get in the way of doing what is in your best interest. The majority of real estate issues can be resolved without going to court. I take pride in negotiating settlements that protect my clients while shielding them from the financial and emotional burden of litigation.

Put a Proven Real Estate Litigator on Your Side

Facing a real estate dispute in Michigan? I can help you protect your legal and financial interests. Call 248-919-8383 to schedule a consultation.